General Information

Company Motto "Do it right the first time"

Company Policy "Clear, concise communications are the foundation of success"

Gerrard Global Initiatives Co., Ltd. (GGI) is committed to assisting companies and organizations in all sectors of society: private, academic, commercial and government. The array of services offered has been carefully chosen to provide clientele with the information and business support required to achieve their goals by the most efficient means, and doing so at affordable prices.

GGI founder and president Tom Gerrard has more than 30 years of business planning and development experience. Before establishing GGI, he spent 25 years helping to expand market share for international entities such as Toyota Motor Corporation, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., BMW Group, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Hitachi, Ltd. His network of professional associates in the areas of marketing, law and taxation in multiple countries is impressive, as are his connections with R&D, academic and governmental institutions throughout Asia and Europe.

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