GGI works with an excellent network of professionals worldwide. All members registered with the company have completed non-disclosure/non-competition agreements to ensure the utmost confidentiality and protection of client privacy and intellectual property rights.

In today's dynamic world market, where response to change must be rapid and accurate yet affordable, utilizing GGI is an excellent means of ensuring maximum cost performance and optimum results for your operations.

Services are divided into five departments, each of which is often interconnected with one or more of the other departments when executing a project.

Business Development (advisory, planning, management)

 Company establishment (Asian region)   New market entry 
 Corporate/Product branding   Public relations 
 Investor relations   Corporate social responsibility (CSR) 
 Customer relations management (CRM)   Human resource management (HRM) 
 International project management   Import/Export 
 Marketing tools
 (brochures, website, etc.) 
 Media planning, buying
 (print, radio, TV) 
 Cultural adjustment courses   Corporate training programs 

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e-media (multiple languages)

 Website development   Website management 
 Site localization (design, translation)   e-commerce 

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Exhibition/Event Management (planning, execution)

 Exhibition/Event research   Booth/Seminar planning, design
 Staffing (multilingual)   General execution/management 

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International Consultation (regional business laws/regulations)

 Contracts (bilingual negotiations)   Labor (regulations/dispute negotiations) 
 Taxation/Corporate tax credits   Import/Export (customs, taxation) 

Contracted with legal offices in the following countries:
USA, UK, Japan, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand, France, Germany

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Linguistics (translation, interpretation, copywriting, narration)

 Translation   Interpretation (consecutive, simultaneous) 
 Narration   Copywriting
 Speech writing   Technical writing (editing, proofreading) 

Services are available for most languages.

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